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Welcome to The Nutrition Corner - From a passionate Great Pyrenees parent looking for the best food for our best friends!

A pet food nerd that loves to talk about pet food and ingredients: All opinions are my own


Hello! My name is Levi, a science-based, positive reinforcement dog trainer and pet food coach! My passions are helping people find the right direction towards understanding and working with their dogs in the most force-free manner possible, as well as guiding people in the right direction to helping their pets live a longer, healthier life through food. I have two Great Pyrenees of my own that have been on my journey with me in finding new treats, supplements, and food. They absolutely eat better than I do, but the way I justify this is that our pets can't give consent to bad food!

How important is better feeding?

The first step to a better dog is the food! We don't think enough about how much their food impacts them throughout their life as they eat their boring ol' kibble for the rest of their lives. We can improve this easily and effectively through taking even the smallest steps towards feeding better and feeding smarter.

This doesn't require we spend hundreds of dollars a week on the most expensive food and treats money can buy. Does better dog food cost more? Often, yes. For a reason. But worse dog food can cause just as much, if not more, with absolutely zero health benefits. Why not spend your hard earned money on the good stuff?

Additionally, think about it like how we treat human diets. Eating better (AKA not eating McDonald's every day) can improve our mood, weight, skin, and hair condition. It's like this with dogs and cats! We just have to be a little more aware of what's going in their bowls.


I am never going to claim to be a vet or pretend that I know more than a vet in terms of medical diagnosis and treatment. However, I would daresay I feel fairly confident in going toe to toe with one about food and nutrition.

That said, I will never suggest not listening to or respecting your vet. At the end of the day, your pet is just that; yours. What you choose to do from here on out, go forward with confidence that you've made the best choice for your companion.

If any of what I blog about ever gives you any sort of self-regret or guilt about what you may or may not have been feeding your pet, rest assured I or myself are not here to judge you. And from experience, I think it's better to just move forward from those kind of feelings. The past is the past, and we don't know what we don't know until we're taught.

Signing off

In the end, I'm but a simple, passionate dog lover that wants to do the best by my dogs and help others that want it to do the best by theirs. As I work towards my certifications in science based pet training and pet food nutrition, I continue to learn and adjust my thoughts on things. What we know now may not always be set in stone, but for the time being, I will go forward with my own research and understanding in being confident in what I teach.

And certainly, I encourage you to do your own research in the end. Check your sources and go with your gut.

Happy eating,


I'm always willing to answer what I can! I'm a super busy person in my day to day life and may not always get to things quickly. Look forward to the next post!

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