Full of Heart... Literally!

When we sit down at a restaurant and order steak or chicken, we typically expect a solid cut of lean muscle meat. As much as our pets crave the same meat we do when we bring the leftovers home, we may not be considering some of their favorite parts of the animal: organ meat! Organ meat, also referred to as “offal” offers a variety of a new textures and flavors for your pet while simultaneously providing MORE nutrients and vitamins than regular lean meat, some that they may even be missing out on. (In fact, the composition of an animal’s body weight in organs is roughly 25%, which means our pets should be enjoying a ratio of organ meat in their diet closer to that. Note that this percentage relates to all of the organs in the animal, so only using one type of organ in a diet should look closer to 5-10% on its own). Additionally, organ meat is not as readily consumed by us humans in the United States compared to other countries. As such, so many organs either go to waste or become diluted in recipes from factory farms and commercial feed. By focusing organ meat treats, we can make the most of each animal by providing the healthiest, tastiest snacks for your dog!

Some organ-flavored treats are currently available in the market, but they only tend to use trace amounts of the organ itself alongside preservatives and other additives. The best way to provide maximum nutritional value from organ meat is to provide it to your pet raw or dehydrated (longer term storage). Many commercial organ treats are cooked at high temperatures as well, eliminating some of the vitamin content.

The rich, buttery smell of organ meat dehydrating in our house has driven Angela crazy. She’ll periodically find herself in front of the air fryer during play time when the aroma wafts over her from across the room. Organ treats are highly reinforcing due to their uncommon use and delicious flavor to dogs. If Angela is feeling anxious guarding the house from other dogs she sees out the window, she’s learned more and more to remain calm and wait patiently for some organ meat treats. We have friends who use them alongside the turkey jerky treats to help train their socially anxious dogs. The flavor coaxes out their sweet side always!

Beef liver and beef heart are just two of the new organ treats to be dehydrated for your dog from Angela’s Treat Stash. Beef liver contains incredibly potent amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin B12, which both help support the growth and nourishment of the nervous system. Beef heart is high in protein and essential amino acids for building strong muscles in your furry friend. Both are also rich in iron and other minerals to promote healthy blood. We are excited to start providing these rich, protein-packed snacks by the end of the month. Stay tuned!

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