Our Story


Angela’s Treat Stash, LLC is dedicated to our beautiful rescue dog Angela. Her powerful and redemptive story inspired us to formulate high quality, amazing treats for your furry family member that they’ll enjoy and provide them with powerful nutrients.

Donating to the local rescues is a driving force behind selling our products. We want to help them continue to rescue dogs and cats that deserve a second chance at a good life.
We believe our pets are a part of our families. We strive to give you a product made with the same love and care embodied by Angela’s Treat Stash’s namesake.


Angela's Story

From the start, she has been one special dog. Miss Angela was found in Southeastern Michigan after an animal distress call. When help arrived, she was beaten, bloody, malnourished, and burned. She was shot, stabbed, set on fire, and left to die in a dumpster. Paws for Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Center took her in and immediately began treating her. She required nearly 50 stitches in her face and surgery after surgery to continue to mend her physical health. PFL put their entire heart and soul into her care. Weeks went buy, many fundraisers were hosted, Rocky Kanaka even did a special feature for her to help raise funds and find someone to adopt her! Finally Angela was adopted!
However, what the adoptive family did not know was that when PFL took her in, Angela was pregnant. The emergency surgery she required and the anesthesia used for her surgery had killed the puppies. The dead fetuses were sucking the life out of her. She stopped eating, rapidly lost tons of weight, and was not the same dog. The family took her in and she was rushed into surgery to spay her. She almost didn’t survive this surgery, but our baby is a fighter. ️ Unfortunately, they also found out that Angela developed gestational diabetes, and would require insulin at exactly the same time everyday, twice a day. Unfortunately, this was not realistic for the family who had adopted her and she was returned to PFL.
A PFL volunteer, Anne, had been with Angela through the entirety of her journey and after she was returned to the rescue, it was no different. Anne reached out to Domenic (Angela’s dad) to foster Angela, as they are constantly rescuing similar cases, and needed the space. From the MOMENT Angela set paw in our home, we knew this was bound to be a foster-fail. 3 months later, we signed the adoption papers and we started her Instagram. 5 months after signing the papers, we started Angela's Treat Stash.