Who Are We?


Kara Pado, B.S., M.S.

Hello! My name is Kara and I am the owner of Angela's Treat Stash! I began this business in November of 2020 after doing some quick searches on healthy pet treats and very quickly finding that there are not very many options out there. With Angela being diabetic, I wanted to make sure that she was receiving high quality food and treats, and commercial kibbles, canned foods, and treats just don't seem to make the cut! My main goal for this business is to create natural, healthy products that our pets can enjoy while we feel confident in what they are ingesting. With that, I am also a double certified pet nutritionist and a fear-free certified pet sitter, and now offer nutrition consultations to help get your pet the most out of their diet!


Domenic Roberto, B.A., B.S., M.S.

Hi! My name is Domenic, and I produce all of the meat-based products for Angela's Treat Stash! I began helping Kara early into her development of the business by taking on the slicing of turkey meat and beef liver. A year later, I'm handling everything from brains to necks to fish egg sacs! I love cooking, and seeing a dog go crazy for our natural treats gives me the feeling of seeing a satisfied friend eating a home-cooked meal. Since opening the store I've taken on more responsibility, and the more I throw myself behind our products the better I feel. I'm hoping to follow in Kara's footsteps with getting certified in pet nutrition, and I will continue to find the weirdest and most nutritious proteins to give out to dogs! 

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